2023 is the year of innovations at Tech387

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New year, new me. That sounds like a cliche, right? Let us break the spell here and say new year, the same Tech387 but more powerful and innovative than ever. In this blog post, you will read about our plans for the future, and we will also take a look back at the success we achieved during the previous year. We managed to triple the size of our team, completed ten projects successfully, and established five long-term partnerships. What blew our minds was entering the market of electromobility. If this sounds exciting, continue reading.

2022 wrap-up, the most successful year of Tech387 so far

Here at Tech387, we like to do things differently. Instead of dedicating a whole blog post to reflect on the success during the past year, we will share our vision of the present & future with you. However, we will use this brief paragraph to reflect on the success of 2022. 

For starters, it was an eventful year for our business and employees. Besides successfully completing projects and establishing long-term partnerships, we dedicated a lot of time to improving processes that took the quality of our delivery to another level.

Early in the year, we announced our first CTO and established new departments - People Operations Team and Marketing. But that’s not all - we defined the path to sustainable revenue growth and discovered the perks of multi-layer marketing. Also, our teams brought a fresh look to the Tech387 brand. The newly improved website presents a platform for founders to discover everything they need to know about product-building. Particularly useful is the cost calculator. This calculator provides founders with valuable estimates for their next fundraising cycle. On top of that, enthusiasts can receive tech insights through our new blog section.

Adnana Pidro, Digital Marketing Specialist, said that joining the Tech387 team was one of the best decisions she made in her professional life.

I have been a part of the Tech387 team for over six months. The journey has been fun and challenging at the same time. One thing stands out, and that is teamwork. We help each other without hesitation and I will give an example. While shooting our promotional video, we didn't hire actors or professionals, our developers took the leading role, from voice-over acting to organizing and editing the video, and they nailed it. It was so much fun seeing my teammates leave their comfort zones and blossom.

While all of the above may sound positive, there was lots of back-office work and many failed iterations to make everything work as it does today. Constant planning, defining, setting up processes, and adapting those to new cases all took place in 2022. However, we proudly look back at it as the year of investments in our people, company structure, operations, and client management - a foundation that will soon give rise to new talents, startups, and communities!

We will leave the reflection of the past year to rest here and turn to the present and future.

The Present

We enjoyed our short holiday break, but it's time to get the engines up and running. So what is going on right now?

We are finalizing the office space for the new Product Arena interns. They will be joining our team in less than a week. Getting to know new colleagues and seeing new faces around the office is something we are looking forward to.

Product Arena is our first paid internship, and we received almost 700 applications. Our interns spent two weeks in the online Product Arena and got a grip on the basics of product development. We prepared materials, mentors, and exciting projects for them. We have to admit that we can't wait to see them flourish. 

What is Product Arena all about?

Product Arena is a three-month, full-time paid internship program for people who want to kick off their tech careers. We chose 30 candidates who showed dedication and commitment and aced their exams. Unlike similar projects, Product Arena is unique in the sense that all candidates will get a chance to experience the product-building lifecycle in a real setting. They will be working in dedicated product teams under the guidance of our experienced mentors. The goal is to create fully functional individuals who will be ready to conquer the job market after completing the internship.

What else is going on?

The AWS Partner Network just welcomed Tech387 as a new software and services paths member. Only a handful of companies from our region are honored to be listed on their platform. This means that we will be collaborating with actual Amazon's customers soon. How amazing is that?

To make this work, our team members had to take AWS certification courses and they passed those with excellent success. This is a small shout-out to them and our way of saying how insanely proud of them we are. Their achievement makes Tech387 a certified AWS partner! Soon you will be able to find our name on the AWS platform, and we are thrilled to share this news with you. 

Exciting future of Tech387

As the new year starts, we continue with our endeavors toward meeting our goals. We are no fortune tellers to speak about what the future beholds for us, but we know what's baking. Market expansion, company growth, sustainable development, and strengthened partnerships are all on the agenda, but let’s dive a little deeper and unwrap a few of our ambitions.

Down the path of sustainability

Without disclosing too much, we want to share that we started working on something exciting that will shape the future of mobility in the region. This project is out of our ordinary business, but it will put our society on the path of sustainable mobility. 

Okay, it’s too interesting to sound this mysterious so we’ll shout it out. We are working on the first locally manufactured EV charger! Yes, you’ve heard us well, so don’t get surprised when you spot it soon near your favorite shopping mall or at your local gas station. 

Here’s a little sneak peek of our new creation. These small yet powerful devices will move our region one step closer to the advent of sustainable transportation. What exciting times to be alive, right? So stay tuned because we cannot wait to announce the new E387 EV chargers!

A new business perspective

EV chargers are just for starters, and we won’t stop there! Our mission to give back to society and enhance sustainability continues with more novel undertakings. We adopted a new perspective on how to do business. 

We observed what has been happening around the world. A new recession is looming, and inflation rates are skyrocketing. History teaches us that during periods of chaos, true entrepreneurs build the most promising companies. We decided not to fall victim to unfortunate timing but rather become a driver of change. And what other industry can make this turnaround happen if not IT?

In truth, we were dismayed by the fact that several innovative ideas usually die out due to different reasons. Early-stage founders often lack adequate product-building and financial guidance, which forces them out of business. Therefore, we chose to bridge this gap by providing founders with valuable knowledge and the path to investments. 

Creating an educational program focusing on software product-building, walking with founders through the fundraising journey, and scaling the product together are just some of the high-level steps needed to generate startups of the future. In 2023, we will build an investment fund focused on sustainability and fuelling early-stage startup growth. This new business perspective has the potential to speed up the process of innovations, and we can't wait to start seeing the impact and scale it will make on the economy. 

We will uncover more information about this movement during the next couple of months. You might be our unicorn leader or an investor in the next high-growth startup, so stay tuned and follow our blog!

Closing words

To wrap this post up, we would like to bid farewell and express our gratitude to all our employees, partners, and friends. We know that we couldn't achieve great things without any of them. 2022 has been a year of growth and revelation for us, and we are excited to see what the next years hold. 

One last thing from us. Remember that no dream is too big. If you still haven't set clear goals, do it now, and the future will be bright. We hope that everyone will have a prosperous and fantastic year ahead!

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