2023 is the year of innovations at Tech387

New year, new me. That sounds like a cliche, right? Let us break the spell here and say new year, the same Tech387 but more powerful and innovative than ever. In this blog post, you will read about our plans for the future, and we will also take a look back at the success we achieved during the previous year. We managed to triple the size of our team, completed ten projects successfully, and established five long-term partnerships. What blew our minds was entering the market of electromobility. If this sounds exciting, continue reading.

2022 wrap-up, the most successful year of Tech387 so far

Here at Tech387, we like to do things differently. Instead of dedicating a whole blog post to reflect on the success during the past year, we will share our vision of the present & future with you. However, we will use this brief paragraph to reflect on the success of 2022. 

For starters, it was an eventful year for our business and employees. Besides successfully completing projects and establishing long-term partnerships, we dedicated a lot of time to improving processes that took the quality of our delivery to another level.

Early in the year, we announced our first CTO and established new departments - People Operations Team and Marketing. But that’s not all - we defined the path to sustainable revenue growth and discovered the perks of multi-layer marketing. Also, our teams brought a fresh look to the Tech387 brand. The newly improved website presents a platform for founders to discover everything they need to know about product-building. Particularly useful is the cost calculator. This calculator provides founders with valuable estimates for their next fundraising cycle. On top of that, enthusiasts can receive tech insights through our new blog section.

Adnana Pidro, Digital Marketing Specialist, said that joining the Tech387 team was one of the best decisions she made in her professional life.