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Launched in 2017 by two serial entrepreneurs with a track record of successful exits, Tech387 is propelling numerous ventures forward, reshaping the startup landscape. Integrating capital, a top-tier operations team, and a burgeoning alliance of corporate partners, we aim to deliver unmatched value to founders with a sincere and impactful approach to venture building and startup acceleration.
Current problem with the startup & tech ecosystem
We forge deep multi-year relationships with our partners, creating joint ventures to hold equity stakes in the startups we build and fund together. This approach delivers strategic value to founders and impactful results to corporates: achieving proprietary dealflow, organisational learnings and cultural change.
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Venturing solutions
We combine your capabilities with our platform of founders and operators - unlocking transformational outcomes for your organisation
Build new ventures
Collaborate with us to identify opportunities, design concepts, build technology and launch new startups
Invest in top 1% startups
Discover new technologies and partner with entrepreneurs shaping the future of your industry
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Partner with our team of builders and operators and immerse your company in our global startup ecosystem
Drive change &
Discover new technologies and partner with entrepreneurs shaping the future of your industry
Launch new startups on the Tech387 platform in collaboration with our team and exceptional founders.
  • Create new technologies and revenue streams
  • Strategic commercial and follow-on opportunities
  • Drive innovation & cultural change
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Startups receive capital and strategic support in exchange for 2-10% equity.
  • Discover the next disruptive technologies
  • Find the product market fit
  • Scale the product and prepare for the next investment
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Build and invest in the future of your industry

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