Pioneering the Green Transition in the Balkans with state-of-the-art EV chargers and sustainable infrastructure development for a cleaner future.
Founded 2022

Problem & Solution


The EV charging market is highly fragmented, forcing users to juggle multiple apps for different chargers, creating a disjointed and inefficient experience.

The Balkan region suffers from a significant shortage of charging infrastructure, posing a major roadblock in the transition to sustainable energy.

The market is flooded with expensive, often unreliable charging solutions, lacking in both integration and comprehensive network mapping.

A prevalence of rebranded, substandard chargers stifles the growth of a robust, localized EV charging ecosystem, crucial for the region's economic and environmental progress.


E387 D.O.O has innovated a modular charging solution that transcends the conventional, transforming from a mere utility to a valuable asset.

The company's pioneering software unifies chargers from all regions into one seamless platform, simplifying the EV user experience.

A groundbreaking hardware device not only ensures optimal grid balancing but also adapts to diverse power networks, setting new standards in efficiency and reliability.

This hardware device is a game-changer, capable of integrating data from isolated chargers, thus paving the way for a comprehensive, all-encompassing charging station map.


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Value Created

Nature of Engagement

Tech387's venture-building expertise was instrumental in the genesis and evolution of E387. The collaboration commenced with the methodical prototyping of EV chargers, leading to the creation of an advanced and economical hardware device.

The partnership evolved to include the development of sophisticated software solutions, encompassing a multifaceted mobile application and additional software tools designed to enhance charger mapping, streamline assembly, handle payments, and manage the overarching charging network.

Tech387's involvement was all-encompassing, crafting the foundational operational procedures and providing sustained guidance, ensuring the CEO could eventually steer the company independently with a steady hand.

Milestones Achieved

Prototyping and Development: Successfully designed and prototyped an advanced, economical EV charger, setting a new standard in the market.

Software Solutions: Developed sophisticated software solutions, including a comprehensive mobile application, to support essential functions such as charger mapping, assembly streamlining, payment processing, and network management.

Operational Procedures: Established robust operational procedures to ensure scalable growth and efficient management of the charging infrastructure.

Leadership Transition: Provided sustained guidance and support, facilitating the CEO's journey to independent leadership and the autonomous growth of E387.

Founder's Quote

"Tech387 Venture Studio has been a cornerstone in the metamorphosis of our vision into a tangible, market-leading product. Their profound expertise in hardware development."
Armin Durmišević