Delivering bespoke luxury travel experiences, the concierge service meticulously curates personalized itineraries and exclusive stays for the elite traveler.
Founded 2020

Problem & Solution


The luxury travel concierge sector has long remained static, with slow response times that clash with the modern expectation of immediacy.

Clients seeking unique destinations and experiences often face delays stretching into weeks, with communication lagging and the so-called 'unique' experiences falling short of truly bespoke standards.

In a world where instantaneity is paramount, the traditional concierge service model struggles to meet the demand for swift, personalized service.


Sasha Device, leveraging extensive industry connections, has redefined the concierge experience.

Capable of arranging exclusive dinners with celebrities or unique encounters like swimming with turtles, Sasha has introduced a system that employs AI to deliver truly tailored travel experiences.

This innovation streamlines the planning process, ensuring each journey is as unique as having a personal assistant dedicated to your travel whims. With this system, Sasha's team guarantees that every trip is not just a journey, but a compilation of extraordinary, personalized moments.


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Value Created

Nature of Engagement

The engagement with Sasha Device was initiated to leverage his already successful luxury travel concierge business, with the goal of enhancing its operations through technological innovation.

An in-depth analysis was conducted on the existing processes, capturing the essence of how Sasha's business delivered its unique travel experiences. The objective was to identify areas ripe for automation to increase efficiency and responsiveness.

Milestones Achieved

Process Automation: Through careful mapping of the concierge's workflow, each step of the travel planning process has been automated, reducing response times and increasing customer satisfaction.

AI Integration: A significant advancement was achieved by integrating AI into the system, enabling personalized travel experiences at a scale previously unattainable, effectively mimicking the attentiveness of a personal assistant.

KPI Implementation: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were introduced, allowing for the precise tracking of objectives and goals, ensuring every aspect of the service is measured and optimized for peak performance.

Instant Service Delivery: The culmination of these improvements has led to a service that operates with near-instantaneous response times, making luxury travel planning faster and more efficient.

Operational Optimization: The amount of work that can be managed has been significantly optimized, allowing the business to handle a higher volume of bespoke travel arrangements without compromising the personalized touch that is the hallmark of Sasha's brand.

Founder's Quote

"Tech387 has been incredible in optimizing how we handle our luxury concierge service. They've managed to cut down what used to be hours of work into just a few minutes with a system that's both smart and simple. Their team's technical skill and business savvy have given us the space to focus more on what we do best — creating unforgettable travel experiences."
Sasha Devic