Providing SaaS solutions that streamline processes and automate workflows for businesses and governments using data, AI, and seamless integration.
Founded 2021

Problem & Solution


In the current landscape, businesses and governments face the challenge of finding streamlined solutions that encompass all their needs in one package.

The existing solutions are not only fragmented but also come with a high price tag, creating barriers to digital transformation.

This fragmentation and cost issue complicates the automation of workflows and the efficient connection between governments and their citizens, hindering operational efficiency and public engagement.


CiC has introduced a versatile SaaS platform designed to overcome these challenges through a pay-per-use model, ensuring affordability and adaptability for diverse organizational requirements.

By automating workflows and enabling seamless system integrations, CiC's solution facilitates a smooth digital transition for businesses and government entities alike.

With API outputs, the platform also simplifies the interaction between governments and citizens, streamlining communications and service provision. This innovative approach not only cuts costs but also significantly boosts organizational efficiency and stakeholder engagement.


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Value Created

Nature of Engagement

Tech387 co-founded the project with CiC, starting with the development of an innovative SaaS concept designed to streamline operations for businesses and governments.

The collaboration initiated with the building of a prototype, setting the stage for the development of a fully functional platform.

Milestones Achieved

Prototype Development: Successfully designed and tested a prototype, demonstrating the feasibility and potential impact of the SaaS solution on operational efficiency.

Full Solution Launch: Transformed the prototype into a fully operational platform, equipped with AI and data-driven capabilities to automate workflows and streamline processes.

Pilot Implementations: Conducted experimental implementations with multiple institutions and companies, utilizing their feedback to refine and enhance the platform.

Expansion to Government Solutions: Extended the platform's offerings to include tailored solutions for government operations, improving public sector efficiency and citizen engagement.

Managed Services Transfer: Facilitated the transition of managed services, ensuring seamless integration and operational continuity for clients.

Marketing and Expansion Support: Provided comprehensive marketing support and strategic guidance to promote the platform and expand its user base, contributing to the growth of CiC and the broader adoption of its product.

Founder's Quote

"Tech387's co-founding partnership was pivotal in launching our SaaS solution. Their technical prowess turned our concept into reality, allowing me to focus on the business strategy. Together, we've built a platform that truly transforms workflows for businesses and governments."
Aida Begovic
CEO & Co-founder