Meet Faruk Ćidić, our CTO!

If you reached our blog section, there is a high possibility that you already know that we are a tech partnership oriented company. We decided to dedicate this section to the awesome people of Tech387. We want all of our future partners to meet the amazing people that stand united behind Tech387. The first person whom we want you to meet is Faruk Ćidić, our Chief Technology Officer. 

Faruk is an extremely modest person, who doesn’t really like talking about his achievements, he prefers to talk about the company, but what he doesn’t know is that every word he says is inspirational. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy this read! 

First things first

Why did you choose this company, and what has made you stay here? We all know this is a competitive market when it comes to talent, especially one like you.

I joined Tech387 once I realized the potential that this company has. The potential is something that I could assess through the following three factors: people who make up this team and share the same vision, technologies that the team works with, and the culture of this community - a contagious sense of unity, belonging, and teamwork. 

Being part of this positive story is what attracted me in the first place. What is keeping me here are the three factors put into practice.

Take a look back for us - how were your initial days in Tech387?

I joined the company over two years ago. I came into a small team of dedicated individuals. The team had a couple of employees and interns. 

The first project I was supposed to work on was a project I used to lead from the other side. This allowed me to prove myself in no time. Shortly after completing the initial project, COVID pandemic hit the world hard, and I found myself surrounded by workaholics. During those days, we trained in the mornings, had breakfast together, and worked till late.

We landed the first big project immediately and dedicated our time to it. The rest is history.

That sounds like a dream! Could you tell us how it feels to be a part of the Tech387 team?

I can share my perspective, but you will have to ask the other colleagues how it feels for them. *Laughs* 

I connected to the team, especially with the CEO. It almost felt like we were soulmates. To this day, we can understand each other without speaking. The initial plans we created have already become a reality. From this distance I can assure you that those were some big and ambitious plans. That is the reason why no dream is too big for us. We have a clear vision and direction, and we are not scared! We want to address all the critical points in our society. We want to start a positive change out of this local community.