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We offer

Mobile Apps

Complete End-to-End Mobile app solutions that cover the needs of our clients.


Web Apps

Complete Web Application Lifecycle Development.



The key to successful application design is not a good idea or a good feature  -  it all comes down to the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI).



App Store Optimization is the process of improving the app visibility in app stores and outside.


Complex Systems

We take care of your app and technology from bottom to the top. FRom left to right. Our complex systems will cover and seek for improvements each and every detail of your app.



Our experts are at your disposal. Our experts can answer you every question about the market and how your product places there. knowledge is power, and we want to make your app the most powerful there is.


Cloud Services

On demand you can see how we handle your app. All progress and data are stored via our cloud computing system. You will have an easy and scalable access to the data regarding your app. All cloud services are easily accessible and fully managed by our cloud service.

Latest Works

Our Portfolio



Spartan Apps

Get fit with SpartanApps. The mobile application software will allow you to achieve great results, within a short period of time. SpartanApps have satisfied millions of users with well balanced workouts, nutrition and training plans. Let the SpartanApps be your personal trainer and feel the change!
Category: Health and Fitness App


Wobbl is your social inner circle, created by you, for you. Start fresh and create your own social media experience. With Wobbl you have complete control over your feed. Follow creators on Wobbl and see their YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all in one place.
Category: Social Media App


Swapper is the new revolution in the e-commerce world. Competitors in this space are only focused on selling things, whereas Swapper fills the niche on bartering, item for item. See who swaps what near you!
Category: E-commerce

G-6 Sports

With G6 Sports we are determined to change the industry standards by offering mobile health and fitness apps. Shop for the latest cutting-edge nutritional supplements the world has ever seen, revolutionizing the supplement industry along the way.
Category: In-App Store

How we accomplish our goals


Team Performance

We, Tech 387, are more than an ordinary hardware and software developing company which delivers products that performs in a scalable, secure and reliable manner on every device. Whatever the circumstances, we are a trusted companion in both; people’s private and work lives.

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