Specializing in health and fitness applications designed for MMA enthusiasts, offering training and educational resources for amateur and professional fighters.
Founded 2013

Problem & Solution


In the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) community, a significant challenge persists: the absence of a unified application that comprehensively covers conditioning, nutrition, drills, timers, and fighting news.

Enthusiasts and fighters are left to sift through multiple apps, each serving a fragment of their needs.

While numerous apps offer news updates and some provide basic drill routines for sale, none truly cater to the practical requirements of fighters looking to integrate these tools into their gym routines effectively.


Spartan Fighting Inc has unveiled a groundbreaking mobile and web platform designed to transform the training landscape for combat sports athletes and enthusiasts across the board.

This all-encompassing platform brings together conditioning programs, nutritional guides, in-depth drills, customizable timers, and the latest news from the combat sports world, all under one digital roof.

With contributions from experienced professionals across various combat disciplines, Spartan Fighting Inc's solution is adeptly crafted to cater to the diverse needs of both amateur and professional athletes in MMA, boxing, kickboxing, and other combat sports.

Offering a robust suite of intuitive tools and resources, this platform is the quintessential companion for those committed to excelling in their combat sports training and knowledge.


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Value Created

Nature of Engagement

The partnership between Tech387 and Spartan Fighting Inc has evolved significantly since its inception. Initially, Tech387 sold a 50% stake in Spartan Fighting Inc to David Rogosky in 2017, marking the beginning of a strategic collaboration.

This transaction was the catalyst for a deeper, more integrated business relationship. The engagement model has since transitioned from a simple equity exchange to a comprehensive business partnership.

This model is built on mutual collaboration, with both parties contributing their expertise and resources towards common goals.

The focus has been on leveraging Tech387's technological prowess and strategic insights in conjunction with David Rogosky's industry knowledge and networks to enhance Spartan Fighting Inc's market position.

Milestones Achieved

Product Evolution: Enhanced the original product with new features and expanded its scope to appeal to a broader audience within combat sports.

Developer Integration: Tech387's developers were integrated as vital resources, contributing to ongoing product development and innovation.

Equity Partnership: Established a balanced 50% equity partnership between Tech387 and Spartan Fighting Inc, ensuring mutual investment and interest in the company’s success.

Growth and Expansion: Achieved significant growth in user base and market reach, underpinned by a strong management framework and collaborative innovation efforts.

Founder's Quote

“When I acquired a stake in Spartan Fighting Inc from Tech387, our effective collaboration naturally extended beyond just one project. Our synergy was so strong that it led to me joining Tech387 on additional ventures. Working together has opened new paths for us both.”
David Rogosky
CEO & Co-founder