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What sets Tech387 apart as your enterprise partner

Dedicated Team

We seamlessly integrate with your enterprise, becoming an extension of your team and blending in with your existing workflows and processes.

Setting up Architecture & Infrastructure

Our Solution Architects are experts in creating custom Architecture and Infrastructure for complex systems.

Technical Discovery Workshops

Collaborative sessions where cross-functional teams come together to explore and analyze aspects of your project, identify challenges, and brainstorm potential solutions.

Due diligence

We evaluate the development project or initiative to assess its viability, feasibility, and potential risks. We do this before committing resources and investment.

Development Process Setup

We will define project goals, establish the team structure, and determine the development methodologies and tools for the project.

Team Coaching / Team Education

We provide guidance, support, and training to the development team to enhance their skills, collaboration, and efficiency in building innovative products.

We are experts in

Mobile development
Mobile development
How it workes

Analysing requirements and consulting you on the best approach according to your timeline.

Onboarding the right team based on the agreed requirements.

Integrating into your team with daily reporting and monthly system health reports.

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