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We significantly increase the success rate of startups by identifying their potential within a few short months at minimal cost.

We give startups a disproportionate advantage.

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We help founders find product market fit and create real value.

We assist founders in the early stages, and we provide equal opportunity across the globe.
Demographics, background and experience are not a consideration. We look for passion and a strong work ethic.
There are no age restrictions, as our youngest founder is 21 while the oldest is 57.
42% of founders apply with just an idea.
Our motto is to persevere through failure until you achieve product-market fit.
We are engineers, we believe that there is a solution to every problem.
It takes an average of three pivots to find the right product market fit.
46% of startups find product market fit on the first attempt.
We provide startups with a definitive roadmap and offer mentorship until they reach success.
20+ hours of mentorship calls to help transition from idea to traction.
80+ percent of startups achieve a successful fund raise.
Hand holding until the founder is comfortable running all aspects of the business.

How it Works?

From Start to finish in a month.
Tech387 takes 30% of equity with dilution.
Unsuccessful candidates can opt for shared investment plan and consultations.

What we are Looking for in Founders?

Humble, accountable, and highly energized individuals
We are looking for founders who are highly motivated to transform their idea into reality.
We are looking for founders who can balance their talent and passion with accountability, humility, and a desire to grow.
Founders who put their business first, until they can achieve success
Although Tech 387 is investing money in the form of services, and providing a clear path to find the optimal product market fit,the process for the founder is intense.
The founder will be expected to commit their time, energy and money in many different areas such as attending conferences, onboarding early users, soliciting feedback, funding operations, and much more.
Founders who can formulate a clear commercialization strategy that can be proven with a single use case
Ideas that require multiple interconnected features and other complexities in order to be proven do not align with our system.
Conversely, a simple hypothesis that can solve a specific pain point is a great fit for our program.

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