From Hypothesis To Startup

Overcome 90% of the obstacles faced by first time founders!
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Featured four times in the Google Play and Apple App stores
MVP created in less than two months
20k orders received during the MVP stage
MVP created in three months

From idea to product market fit within 3 months

Step 1

Discovery phase

Obtain a clear product vision.
Determine the optimal technical solution.
Establish a definitive timeline for product launch.
Estimate product development and maintenance costs
Step 2

MVP Development

Establish your brand and its visual identity.
Design user-friendly solutions with stunning layouts.
Develop a robust backend architecture that can scale.
Develop frontend interfaces for mobile and web applications
Step 3

Product Launch

Create an attention grabbing landing page.
Establish a store presence in the Apple and Google stores.
Create and execute your launch marketing campaign.
Build traction with your first satisfied paying customers
Step 4

Growth and Scaling

Prepare your pitch deck and presentation.
Set up meetings with angel investors and VCs.
Secure investment for the next phase.

How you benefit from being our partner

Technical Side

From concept to launch, leverage our expertise in all aspects of product development.

Identifying the optimal visual elements, tone of voice of your product.

UI/UX Design

Designing a seamless user experience that adheres to the latest trends and branding principles.

Mobile Development

Converting the product design into working iOS and Android mobile apps.

Web Development

Converting product design into a responsive web application that flawlessly performs on all web and mobile devices.

Backend Development

Addressing engineering challenges that you did not know even existed to ensure smooth and optimal performance.

Cloud Infrastructure

Ensuring optimal scalability and maximum security.

Business Side

Startups who pass our due diligence have a high probability of creating the optimal product market fit and raising capital.
Founder Assessment

Identifying the optimal visual elements and authentic voice of your product.

Co-founding Opportunities

Partnering with you by investing up to $15k USD to ensure a scalable and secure technology platform with optimal product market fit

Investor Networking

Leveraging our network to help you connect with angel investors and venture capital firms

Advisory Services

Helping you navigate your startup through a labyrinth of challenges in exchange for 10% of equity.

Pitch Deck Creation

Assisting you with building a compelling pitch deck, and affording you the opportunity to practice your pitch in front of our network to gain valuable feedback

What our partners say about us

Bill Denk

United States 🇺🇸

“They didn’t give me what I wanted, they gave me what I needed”

Brendan Ahern

United States 🇺🇸

“Tech387 has been an ultimate technical partner. They walk the road with us.”

Emir Banjanović

Austria 🇦🇹

“With the collaboration with Tech387 many new ideas and markets were opened.”

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