Goblin is generating production software that can scale to millions in minutes.

Goblin works on top of the Cloud

Goblin operates on the cloud, leveraging various access mechanisms to gain comprehensive control. Through this control, it configures the entire cloud infrastructure, writes code, and delivers a working version that can be further refined manually or expanded using Goblin itself.

The only requirements are defining a data model and information flow to assist with complex operations, algorithms, and integrating Figma designs, culminating in the generation of a complete product.

Visual project configuration

We took our ambition further, aiming to make using Goblin as straightforward as possible. Drawing inspiration from AWS Amplify, we developed a visual configurator. This tool assists in structuring your project, configuring all necessary elements, and maintaining a history of your work within a console.

The features of Goblin

“Each feature is turned into a component that is modified for each specific project” - Faruk C.
Tech387 actively co-founds a variety of projects annually. However, on our website, we selectively feature a limited number of these initiatives to illustrate the full spectrum of our business expertise. Spartan Fitness is highlighted as a prime example, enabling us to comprehensively showcase our business model.

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