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A practical guide to POC (proof of concept) in app development

Some time ago, Tech387 embarked on a mission to create a handbook for all aspiring entrepreneurs and first-time startup founders. Our aim? To pave the path for app development and offer much-needed guidance. We know how tricky it can be to find the right resources and a reliable tech partner in this wild business world. Everyone's got their interests at heart, and it's like navigating a labyrinth of glass walls. We're here to help you take confident steps when negotiating with potential tech partners so you won't feel like a lost elephant in that delicate glass shop. We've covered topics like SDLC, discovery phase, and MVP in our blog, but today, we're taking a step back to discuss POC, the "proof of concept" in the app development world.

So, what exactly is POC, and do you need it? 

You bet it's the million-dollar question, and we're here to give you some practical answers. POC is like a demo that showcases your idea's practical viability. It tests only the essential functionalities to confirm that your concept works. Think of it as the green light that signals "go" for your idea. So do you need a POC? Take a look at our graphic and try answering. 

If your idea is not unique, you probabbly don't need a POC
Is your idea unique?

Now, hold up! It seems that not every idea needs a POC, and that is true. Note that the POC is an optional stage in product development if your idea is not unique. Unique ideas are unicorns, and if we follow this logic, we will determine that some entrepreneurs won't need a POC. But hey, don't dismiss POC entirely! A well-executed POC can be a game-changer in your app development journey. Here's why:

  1. Detecting risks early: POC helps you identify potential risks before they blow up in your face. We've stressed the importance of risk identification and mitigation. 
  1. Understanding complexity: POC gives you a peek into the complexity of your product. Is it a walk in the park or a complex maze? POC helps you gauge what you're up against.
  1. Finding the right people: Some software solutions require coding wizards with specialized skills. POC helps you find the right team before diving into full-scale development. You don't want your product delayed due to missing expertise, do you? Let's be honest; none of us want that. We're eager to launch our solutions into the world, make an impact, and bring in some bucks.

So, if you've mapped out your project from scratch, and if time and budget allow, we highly recommend asking your tech partner to create a POC. This ensures that your solution works smoothly and that the costs and risks are proportionate to the business results.

The significance of POC in app development

Now that we know who needs a proof of concept in their app development process, let's dig deeper. POC is not limited to app development; it's essential across various industries to showcase an idea's demand and potential.

In the tech world, POC serves three main purposes:

  1. Identifying Tech Problems: POC acts like a detective, confirming tech issues and ensuring you understand what's going wrong.
  1. Finding Solutions: Once the problem gets identified, POC helps you explore and discover the best solutions.
  1. Testing New Features: POC is the ultimate testing ground where you put your ideas to the test, ensuring they cover all aspects of the initial problem.

A proof of concept confirms the resolution of a technological issue during the app development process and demonstrates how it can be achieved. It's like a feasibility test for your ideas, determining whether they are doable and which technological tools will make the process efficient.

By validating your ideas through POC, you can move forward with confidence, knowing your solution has the potential to succeed.

Proof of concept - development stages at Tech387

At Tech387, we understand the crucial role of a well-executed Proof of Concept (POC) in turning ideas into reality. Our meticulous approach involves several key stages in the POC development process.

Stage 1: Technological Analysis and Identification

In the initial stage, we dive deep into the heart of your idea, meticulously analyzing and identifying the technological challenges. Our team of experts works closely with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your vision and requirements. This analysis lays the groundwork for a clear roadmap.

Stage 2: Ideation and Solution Formulation

Once we understand the challenges, we enter the brainstorming phase. Here, we let our creativity and innovative thinking ideate potential solutions tailored to the specific problem. Our collaborative approach involves engaging you throughout this process, allowing us to incorporate your valuable insights into the formulation of the solution.

Stage 3: Rigorous Testing and Validation

With the solution in hand, we don't stop there! Our skilled team diligently tests and validates. Rigorous testing ensures the solution is feasible and effective in addressing the identified challenges. This stage allows us to refine the solution and ensure it's ready to withstand real-world scenarios.

Stage 4: Showcasing Practical Viability

The final stage is where the magic happens! We showcase the results of the POC, emphasizing its practical viability and the potential it holds. This step is critical in demonstrating how your idea can come to life and the value it can bring to users. Through a comprehensive presentation, we bring clarity to the vision, making it tangible and relatable.

Throughout the entire POC development journey, our team maintains open communication with you. We value your feedback and input. At Tech387, we believe that a robust POC is the stepping stone to successful app development and serves as a solid foundation for innovation. We want to provide you with confidence and assurance to move forward with your transformative idea.

Proof of concept - development stages at Tech387
Proof of concept - development stages

Proof of concept - your path to a successful software project

In software development, we sometimes face the challenge of unrealistic expectations. It happens when ideas aren't thoroughly thought out and executed. But don't worry because there are affordable methods to show that your concept can become a marketable product.

Enter Proof of Concept (PoC), a tool that helps you spot design and technical issues and find solutions. With PoC, you can decide if your project is worth pursuing before investing lots of time and money.

Do you have a project concept that needs evaluation? Reach out, and we will turn your idea into a successful project. At Tech387, we're all about making dreams come true in software development! Let's embark on this exciting journey together, and remember that we go the extra mile to create awesome products.