From Idea To Proven Hypothesis

We give startups a disporporniate advantage.


2024 Startup Cohort Target


Find Market Fit


Initial Funding


Post-Market Fit Funding Average

We help founders find product market  fit and create real value.

We assist founders in the early stages, aiming to distribute opportunities equally across the globe.
Demographics, religion and location is not an issues, as long as you have a good work ethic.
There is no age restriction, our youngest founder is 21 oldest is 57.
42% of companies apply with just an idea.
Our motto is to persevere through failure until you achieve product-market fit.
We are engineers, our moto is that there is a solution to every problem.
It takes in average 3 pivots to find the right product market fit.
46% of startups found market fit from the first try.
We provide startups with a definitive roadmap and offer mentorship until they reach success.
20hours + of mentorship calls and meetings to go from idea to being able to start working on traction.
80%+ startups are able to do fundraising and to grow the company.
Our approach is handholding until the founder is able to handle all aspects of the company on it’s own.

How it works?

From Start to finish in a month.
Tech387 takes 30% of equity with dilution.
Unsuccessful candies can opt for shared investment plan and consultations.

What are we looking in founders?

Highly energized individuals with a motivation to bring the idea they have to the end.
We are looking for founders who are highly motivated to work on their idea, and that we don’t have to remind them about the shared tasks we have.
We are here to grow a company, and not to educate someone how to behave and be responsible.
Personal sacrifices in terms of time, money energy and personal connections.
Tech387 is investing the money in services provided, we are expecting the founder to not look this as a fundraising investment, rather a clear path on how to find the right product market fit with our help.
We expect the founder to go on conference, onboard early stage users, spend their own money and personal time to grow the bussines.
Clear commercialization strategy that can be proved with one use case, no complex structured and interconnected features.
We are not looking for ideas which require long time to be proven, which require complex technological.
Our approach is handholding until the founder is able to handle all aspects of the company on it’s own.


Where does the program happen?
The program is online, you can participate from anywhere from the world.
How do we select startups?
We look at two things, a highly energized individual that will have the ability to push this though with a clear commercialization idea.
How much do you invest?
We invest initially $20k in services, after the hypothesis is proven, then we can deploy up to $50k cash ticket sizes.
What is the time commitment?
It’s your company and your dream, the more time you spend on it the better it will be. But a weekly minimum out of 20 hours is required.
When is the next batch?
Every month we work with 15 selected startups. Our batches are monthly.
Can you invest in my startup without the program?
No, startups are very risky, and this approach helps us to de risk that process.
Am I too early to apply? I only have an idea.
We prefer startups that are in the idea phase only, it gives us a chance to work more with the founder and narrow down the idea into a more secure investment.
We raised money, can we still apply?
No, this program is only for early stage startups. But you can look at our other programs that are for established companies or startups that have raised capital.
How much equity do you take?
We take 30% of equity from the startup that dilutes as new investors are coming.
Can I pay to get the services done so that I can keep the 30% for my self?
We do not provide services without equity.
Do you only support software startups?
This model is created for software startups only.
Can I just hire someone and follow the process you offer?
People who work for a sallary don’t know these things, this is core bussines, and it’s a result of years of failing.
What is your business model
We grow compaines, take royalties in them and we make our money thogh that. On some occations we exit the compaines if we see that our vissions don’t align. Our portfolio section has a few success stories.

From Idea To Proven Hypothesis

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