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The startup roller coaster: How to navigate insecurities and achieve triumph

When starting on the entrepreneurial journey, individuals often possess great enthusiasm and believe that their idea has the potential to revolutionize the world and attract significant funding. It would be fantastic if the entrepreneurs remained enthusiastic till the launch of the business, but in reality, things look different. On the journey from idea to realization, founders are on a roller coaster of emotions. One day they are enthusiastic and positive, then they read the statistic that 9 out of 10 startups fail, and the enthusiasm goes through the window. 

Frequently, failures occur due to insecurities that founders struggle to overcome. At Tech387, we not only established our own business from scratch at a young age, but we also co-founded multiple startups. Consequently, we know the pain points and want to ease them up for new founders and startup owners. In today's blog post, we consulted a psychologist who happens to be an expert when it comes to entrepreneurship. We sat down, discussed the most common insecurities, and devised practical tips and tricks to overcome them. So if you are a founder, we recommend you dive deep into this article! 

The entrepreneurial journey 

We often hear people talk about young entrepreneurs facing various insecurities, but the insecurities are similar regardless of age. When people leave their comfort zone and explore the unknown, they face similar challenges and insecurities. Even though we have experienced those insecurities on our skin, we wanted a professional to help out on this one. Our talking partner is Asima Bratanović, the founder of the Care4Me psychological counseling center.

Asima has been helping her clients overcome their insecurities for a while now. She started her own business a few years ago and has gained personal experience in dealing with common insecurities that founders face. She understands what her clients are going through and can provide the support they need to overcome their insecurities, and today she is sharing her tips and tricks with you. 

How hidden insecurities undermine the triumph of startups

Now that we've discussed some common insecurities among founders, let's dive into two specific ones: imposter syndrome and the feeling of isolation. These two factors can have a significant impact on the success of a startup. So, how exactly do they affect founders, and what can they do to combat them effectively?

Empowering startup founders: Our cheat sheet to overcome insecurities

If you are a founder or want to be, chances are, that you are familiar with insecurities. The bigger question is how to overcome them and focus on launching a successful startup. We didn’t want to give generic advice that you can find all around the web. We decided to take a more personalized approach, so we asked the expert to provide us with a cheat sheet, and she did. 

First things first! To overcome any insecurity in life, you need to be aware of it. So what should you do? You need to develop self-awareness and mindfulness. If you have never been to therapy, you might be unfamiliar with these terms, but let us explain so that you can start working on it. 

Self-awareness is understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and emotions. By cultivating self-awareness, you can identify and address your insecurities more effectively. You can gain insights into the specific triggers or situations that activate insecurities, allowing them to develop strategies to mitigate their impact. Mindfulness complements self-awareness by emphasizing present-moment awareness without judgment. Mindfulness enables you to respond to challenges and setbacks with clarity and composure.

To develop self-awareness and mindfulness, you can engage in various practices such as:

Reflection and introspection: Allocating time for self-reflection, journaling, or meditation can help you gain a deeper understanding of your insecurities, their underlying causes, and their impact on decision-making and behavior.

  • Seeking feedback and support: Actively seeking feedback from trusted mentors, advisors, or peers can provide valuable insights and external perspectives. Constructive feedback can help you recognize your strengths and gain confidence while addressing areas for improvement.
  • Practicing self-care: Prioritizing self-care activities such as exercise, adequate sleep, healthy nutrition, and engaging in hobbies or interests outside of work can promote overall well-being and enhance emotional resilience.
  • By incorporating these strategies into your entrepreneurial journey, startup founders can effectively manage and overcome their insecurities. Developing self-awareness and mindfulness empowers you to make confident decisions, navigate challenges, and lead your startup toward success.

Conquer your Insecurities, and launch your path to triumph

The startup roller coaster is a journey filled with insecurities that can undermine the triumph of entrepreneurs. However, by acknowledging and addressing these insecurities, founders can navigate the challenges and succeed. Every founder needs to understand that insecurities are common regardless of age or experience. Seeking support from professionals, mentors, and a strong support network is crucial in overcoming these insecurities.

Please let these messages sink in, and remember that the entrepreneurial journey is filled with ups and downs. You can navigate insecurities and increase your chances of success. It is a continuous learning process that requires persistence, self-awareness, and a strong support system. By embracing these strategies and overcoming insecurities, you can triumph. 

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