Startup Story

The Core Differences: Venture Builders vs. Development Agencies

Back in 2017, Samsung made a fatal mistake with their Note 7 phones. The batteries were overcharging their limits, which triggered them to explode. It was all over the news. Samsung banned full battery charging, so it could never charge up to 100 percent. Denis and I developed an app that was helping users reach a 100% charge. Little did we know the app would also end up in the headlines.

Introducing the Samsung Package Disabler

Our application was called Samsung Package Disabler, and it had one task. The application was disabling system apps on Samsung phones by using their built-in system package called Knox. We created the app not thinking about the impact it would make. Users got their hands on the app, and with a little word of mouth and a lot of press, everyone knew about our app. Because people desired fully charged batteries and discovered an easy-to-use solution for achieving that, we were astonished when we witnessed the increase in the app traffic. We were making over a thousand dollars daily.

Days later, Samsung reached out to us after discovering unintended consequences.

At 3 AM, I received a call. A calm voice on the other end asked, "Are you Arslan? Is the app published under the Ocean66 Google Play account yours?" Stunned, I replied and confirmed. She then proceeded to explain the situation to me.

Our app enabled complete charging, and due to the faultiness of the battery itself, the complete charge led to explosions.

Samsung, facing a crisis, sought our help. What followed was a three-month collaboration where we assisted in identifying and reaching out to affected users, marking a turning point for us. This experience boosted our self-confidence and opened our eyes to a broader vision beyond merely creating apps. Our aspiration transformed; we decided to become a company capable of assisting other enterprises with challenges similar to those encountered by Samsung.

Software Development vs. Venture Building

Fueled by the entire experience, we took the plunge and started Tech387.

Initially, our clients came through recommendations—people talking about us. At first, we dreamed of building a complete collection of apps and starting multiple new ventures. However, as we navigated this journey, our focus shifted. We unintentionally found ourselves deeply involved in consultations, gradually transforming into a Software Development Agency.

Our original goal seemed distant until we stumbled upon the concept of Venture Building. Unlike traditional incubators, venture builders provide operational support, capital, and strategic guidance from inception to scaling. This hands-on approach, involving day-to-day activities, appealed to us.

Venture builders generate and refine business ideas in-house, drawing from a shared pool of resources like engineering, marketing, and administrative support for all internal projects. They actively participate in forming the initial team, setting strategic direction, and contributing to product development while investing significantly. The main goal is to nurture and elevate these internal ventures until they can operate independently or be acquired, systematically creating successful businesses. The venture-building model uniquely combines investment, resources, and active development to foster startup growth and innovation.

We realized we wanted to be more than an agency — we aspired to create a platform where ideas could become reality.

Pivoting to a New Model

In 2019, we pivoted our company away from the agency concept. By taking equity in exchange for product development, we evolved into a model where we provided a complete platform. This transition allowed us to be an integral part of ventures, helping entrepreneurs and enterprises bring their ideas to life.

Our journey led us to a unique ecosystem. Investors are reaching out, and under one roof, ideas are being built, scaled, invested, and exited. We've become more than just developers; we are now Venture Builders, deeply involved in every stage of a venture, from creation to realization.

Co-Found a Venture with Us

Venture Builders like us become an integral part of the entrepreneurial journey. If you're interested in co-founding a venture with Tech387, reach out to us at: Let's build something extraordinary together!