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Strategic Acquisitions: Ensuring Smooth Product Adaptation

Enterprise Software Development - Common Trend

As we worked with enterprises more and more, a common trend appeared: we noticed that they generally purchased existing software solutions and adapted them to their unique requirements. While this might sound like a logical management decision at first glance, the reality is that there are subtle costs / benefits to consider when purchasing software.  Many of these firms encountered unforeseen problems with this approach, to the extent that they may have even benefited more from building their own software from scratch.

One of our clients, which for the sake of confidentiality we will refer to as Company A, purchased an existing product written in PHP, a language which was outdated at the time. They subsequently hired an internal team of developers who specialized in PHP in order to maintain it and create additional features as required by the business.

As their work progressed, however, the cost of adding new features became burdensome, as they experienced certain limitations resulting from the outdated software code. Eventually, they decided that a tech stack upgrade was necessary in order to meet their evolving business needs, and after consulting with several experts, they hired us to help them find a solution.

Collaboration with Tech387

After conducting our due diligence we concluded that the code was too outdated for practical use. Accordingly, we recommended that the company invest in modernizing their entire tech stack, where their existing team would collaborate with us to facilitate the transition.

Modernizing the Tech Stack 

After a few months of intensive research, we identified the appropriate tech stack and the right strategy in which to perform the implementation, with a particular focus on redesigning the architecture. We then proactively prepared for the data migration process to ensure a seamless transition from the old system to the new.

Within several months the tech stack redesign was complete. We worked side by side with their team, and eventually relinquished full control of the new tech stack to them. In this case, we acted as consultants to help them modernize their tech stack and avoid major business disruptions down the road resulting from outdated software.

Due Diligence by C-level Executives

The moral of the story is that managers and C-level executives can benefit from obtaining a technology assessment from an experienced external tech team with a fresh perspective when deciding whether or not to purchase an existing product.  Comprehensive due diligence is a must in order to reduce the risk of wasting large amounts of money and creating a future potential catastrophe. It’s better to have a good plan and be a few months late on an implementation than to waste time, energy, and potentially millions of dollars working with a product that is challenging to customize and scale, thus risking the loss of users due to a lackluster experience and constant issues.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, or you need help, please feel free to reach out via the following email: I am here to assist and provide any advice I can.