Sait, a Turkish tech expert transforming Bosnia's IT scene

Muhammed Sait Kaya is one of the kindest people you can meet here at Tech387. His humble smile hides a true genius. With his impressive technical expertise and problem-solving skills, he has been instrumental in driving digital transformation and revolutionizing the IT landscape of Sarajevo. In this blog post, we'll delve deeper into Muhammed Sait's journey as a solution architect and explore how he is transforming Sarajevo's business scene. Get ready to be inspired by the insights and experiences of one of the brightest minds in tech!

From dismantling toys to paving the way for our development team

Muhammed Sait recently discovered that his parents were not thrilled with his habit of dismantling toys in early childhood. He would get a new toy, play with it for a couple of hours and start dismantling it. 

"I wanted to understand how things work. Playing with toys came second to me," says Sait. 

This trend continued as he grew up. Unlike many teenagers, he didn’t just play video games. He tried to understand the production behind them. At this point, it was clear that Sait would continue his professional development in the tech industry. University was not what he imagined it would be. There was a lot of theoretical education, and he was more interested in practical work and real-world use cases. He encourages young individuals to complete their studies even when things feel boring. 

“I might have dropped out of university if it wasn’t for my professor Dino Kečo. He was one of the people that knew how to share his knowledge and motivate students to explore and learn. Professor Dino was an inspiration to me. I can’t say that my interest in architectural stuff in software development comes just from him, but he had a tremendous impact on my expertise. Having such a mentor is one of the key ingredients in becoming a successful individual.”

A day in the life of a solution architect

As a solution architect, Sait’s task is to pave the way for the development team. The primary responsibility of a solution architect is to work proactively with the development team by anticipating and identifying requirements for cutting-edge technologies. The role involves creating proof of concept and presenting it to the development team. 

Muhammed Sait thrives on the challenge of the job, continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible. He is driven by a desire to exceed expectations and be a valuable asset to the organization. His passion for excellence motivates him to continually improve his skills and knowledge, ensuring he remains at the forefront of the industry.

We asked Sait about his most memorable experience at Tech387, and he said that big things are yet to come, but there is one project he was particularly proud of. Sait's most memorable experience at Tech387 was working on the development of a job search engine. 

The project challenged him to handle huge loads of data presented in zipped format. Since the focus was on execution time and the use of resources, downloading all data at once would not be feasible as the data would only grow in size in the future.

Sait approached the challenge in an alternative way.

"I wrote a separate script that processed the data in a way that it downloaded it in chunks rather than as a whole. In this way, I solved the challenge in the most cost-friendly and efficient way. I will always remember this project as I was thrilled by that result."

Tech387’s culture in Sait’s eyes

Sait has been a longstanding member of our organization, and we wanted to know what has kept him around. It is noteworthy that if you have perused our previous blog posts, the answer would not be surprising: our organizational culture has kept Sait committed to our company.

“The management of Tech387 recognized my passion and dedication to work. They offered me the opportunity to explore my full potential and work on things I am the most passionate about. Alongside this, you have a friendly environment where you can grow both as an individual and a professional. Tech387 represents a place where I can enjoy what I am doing and where I love being.”

One of the things Sait finds admirable is the fact that the company doesn’t work as a money-making machine. The company works for profit, but there is more to it than just earning money.