Meet Edin Šahinović: our secret weapon for UI/UX magic

In this blog, we will discover everything about Edin Šahinović. We will explore his background and his approach to UI/UX design. Let us shed light on the main principles that guide his work and how his creative insights have helped Tech387 to deliver exceptional design. We'll also go through some of the notable projects that Edin has worked on and the impact his work has had on the company's success. So, let's meet Edin Šahinović, the secret weapon behind Tech387's UI/UX magic.

A little backstory

Edin was born in Zenica and raised in Kakanj, two industrial cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. One would assume that he would pursue an engineering degree, but since childhood, Edin showed his artistic side, and with the support of his loving family, he pursued a career in art. In elementary school, his paintings won prizes in competitions. He became one of the youngest members of the Art colony. Edin graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts with a major in painting. Painting is and will forever be his passion.

The wonderful journey from painting to UI/UX design

We asked Edin what drew him away from painting and towards UI/UX design. He says that painting and design are interconnected and that you don’t have to abandon one to commit to the other.

“I have always been the visual type. I knew I wanted to do something that would allow me to transfer the ideas from my head to a platform where they would be visible to everyone. Both painting and design gave me this opportunity. The only difference is that design is minimalistic, whereas art is overwhelming. The design represents the core of everything. It strips everything to its nucleus. This helps me in being a better artist. When I paint, I recognize the core, add elements, and make it gorgeous. Art carries more freedom.”

Technology was not always Edin's best friend. Working with technology meant getting out of his comfort zone. As he started working with technology, it helped him understand the modern world and connect his artistic self to the real world. Working in a high-tech environment helped him overcome his prejudices and converted him into a more flexible person.

Edin started his career in the tech industry as a graphic designer and progressed to UI/UX designer. Edin thinks graphic design is next in line to painting, because it is all about visualization and creation, whereas UI/UX is about everything from typography to psychology. 

“I believe that approaching this role in the way I did carries the secret to success. Now I understand that every element is important and has the power to make a difference in the user experience. I am not sure I could have mastered all of this if the steps were in any other order."

Bits and pieces of the projects you are proud of

Edin says that every animation he creates makes him grow in his scope of work. Famous painters tried to represent movement through their paintings by adding layers. Some of them failed, and some succeeded. While creating animations, he can’t just think about the graphic element itself. Edin has to think about its movements and how it will look through the transition. 

“When it comes to classical painting, you have to think about several elements such as the line, dot, color, surface, and texture. When creating animations, you need to add one additional factor, time. It creates a beautiful chaos in my head. Visualizing how the element evolves and changes and working to turn the idea from your head into reality is a feeling I can’t describe.”

The entire creation process makes Edin happy. He says that he can’t identify just one project standing out from the rest. Edin tries to put the same level of energy and enthusiasm into each new project. What he enjoys the most in UI/UX design is the psychology element. As a designer, you should understand the user psyche and make the interface appealing.

"The most interesting thing in UI/UX is understanding user's needs and adjusting your vision. When creating a software product, you must consider user needs, client desires, and your vision. Finding a good compromise between these three factors is what distinguishes successful from unsuccessful products."

Decorating our corridor and Product Arena office space was one of the most memorable experiences. Edin created a piece of art that makes our teammates smile as they walk down the corridor. The drawing illustrates several themes associated with Tech387, including Spartans drinking Bosnian coffee, a rocket that has left the Earth and is on its way to the moon, and many more.

Life of a UI/UX designer at Tech387

When asked about the three words that describe Tech387 the best, Edin said that if he had only three words to describe our company, he would use teamwork, unity, and passion.

"It is impossible to describe our culture in three words. Tech387 is a place where everyone gets a voice. We work together and create fantastic products. All of us have an equal opportunity to progress and learn. The work-life balance is perfect."

Our UI/UX team works in sprints, so Edin’s day starts with a daily meeting. The purpose of daily meetings is to identify potential blockers and growth opportunities. These meetings serve as a platform to discuss new requests from our clients and hear feedback from each team member. Edin also dedicates a part of his working day to creating graphics and animations for the internal sales and marketing teams. 

“My daily activities and responsibilities encompass a wide range of design-related tasks from the UI/UX design perspective. I mostly spend time using Adobe tools to design illustrations, graphics, animations, UI elements, and corporate branding styles.”

Let's discover who is Edin in his free time

Secession and Poetic Realism are two art movements that bring a lot of inspiration to Edin. He says art is versatile, and a person can be fascinated by several diametrically opposite artistic directions. 

“When a person thinks about art, they usually connect to the artists and directions that speak to them. This tells us the story of human fluidity and how our moods and opinions change through time. The same painting can have different effects on us in different life periods. The same goes for books, music, basically everything.”

Edin dedicates a lot of his free time to creating art. He creates art that discovers the truth behind the information our society gets from the media. He creates political cartoons that explain complex political situations in our country. This is his way of providing context to people who can not see beyond the things represented by mass media. Our society hasn't practiced critical thinking, and a lot of manipulation, corruption, and nepotism happens every day.

When he is not trying to make the world a better place, he loves traveling with his spouse and discovering the natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Join our team and experience the Tech387 life now

If you enjoyed reading our blog and got the desire to meet Edin, we have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you join our team? We are currently looking for another creative soul to join our UI/UX team, and we encourage you to apply.