Join Product Arena, our first three-month paid internship!

Welcome to the first chapter of Product Arena, our first three-month paid internship. In tech layoffs, our company is growing. This time we wanted to give an opportunity to all tech enthusiasts regardless of their experience, age, and background.

What is Product Arena and how does it work?

Product Arena is the first paid internship organized by our company. We decided to provide an opportunity for dedicated and talented individuals, regardless of their previous experience. Everyone who shows interest will go through the product-building journey and get a taste of what it's like to work at Tech387. The application deadline is the 18th of November 2022. 

So who can apply? Everyone who shows motivation and interest! The initial step is to fill out our application form, and that is it. Everyone who undertakes this step is welcome to the first phase of Product Arena, two weeks of online education. We expect the candidates to show interest, willingness to learn, and motivation. We will observe how willing they are to adopt new knowledge and how they handle deadlines. We also want to know if they can work in teams and individually. 

Upon completion of the two-week online training, our mentors will sit down and evaluate each candidate. Our mentors will assess their behavior, motivation, willingness to learn, and performance. They will choose 20 people to participate in the three-month, full-time intense training. 

Welcome to the three-month, full-time internship program!

The best candidates will sign a contract with our company by the 15th of December. We will give them an opportunity to rest until January. Starting on the 9th of January all they will be focusing on during the day is our internship program. 

During this phase of our internship, everyone will get an equal chance to learn and hone their skills. Structured into teams of five, four project teams consisting of PMs, QA Engineers, UI/UX Designers, Backend, and Fullstack developers, will work on creating a digital product in a real-life setting. They will be supervised by our experienced mentors throughout the entire internship.

An additional motivation for all successful candidates and one more reason to stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina is certainly the opportunity for permanent employment in our company. Working in Tech387 comes with great benefits, but we won't be mentioning any of them now. We prefer that the interns experience themselves and share their stories. During the Product Arena, they will have the opportunity to get to know the atmosphere and colleagues.

Denis Berilo, one of the founders of the Tech387 company, said that Product Arena is a program for motivated individuals ready to enter the world of cutting-edge technology.