A day in the life of our Lead Developer - Enver

At the core of our business are our people. This section represents the chance for you to meet all of them. Today we want to introduce one of our lead developers, Enver Memić. He was one of the first hires for our company and has shown nothing but loyalty. Need we say how much we appreciate him? Without further ado, meet Enver.

Demystifying the exciting life at Tech387

For starters, could you tell us why you decided to join the Tech387 team and what has kept you here?

I joined Tech 387 as one of the first hires, and I've been loyal to the company ever since. This company provided me with the opportunity to hone my software development skills. I started in a junior position and ranked up over five years. I managed to become a Lead Developer, and I have to admit that I am proud of myself. The positive atmosphere in the company, alongside hard work and dedication, brought me here.

What kept me here? If I am going to be completely honest - it is a number of things. But first things first, the most important thing for me is sharing a common vision and living by it. I got recognized for every achievement, and that played a huge role. Space for growth is another very important thing on my list, and at Tech387, there is plenty of growth space. I grew as an individual, but the company grew as well. Overall the terms and conditions are perfect for me, therefore, I choose to stay.

What have you gained from working at Tech387?

I have gained invaluable software development experience and met some amazing young professionals. Working with young colleagues results in getting more and more rejuvenated daily. This feeling is so precious that I reflect on it at home while spending time with my spouse and children.

I also worked with international clients and got a deeper understanding of different cultures. It is interesting to see how priorities and interests change from one country to another. 

I developed software with partners from different industries, and that way, I got a grip on various branches. This knowledge is priceless, and I got all of it working for Tech387.

What is your proudest moment at Tech387?

In the early stages of Tech387, a small team of five people was working on our now successful product SpartanApps. Trying to grow app popularity with a low budget seemed like a mission impossible at the time. Despite all odds, our small collective started seeking alternative ways to achieve this.

After countless hours spent cracking optimization algorithms of different platforms for publishing, we finally reached the "eureka" moment. One morning we came to work only to realize that we had over 100,000 downloads in one day!

We ended up engineering our way up using ASO (App Store Optimization), eventually becoming the 4th top-paid app for the Health & Fitness niche in the US for the year 2018. It was a sensational collective accomplishment, one that I am the proudest of as a member of Tech387.

Describing a day in the life of a lead developer

What do you do daily?

My main objective as a lead developer is to deliver features and upgrades to our partners. By converting user stories into technical requirements and ensuring that my team is on the right track, I serve as the liaison between the product manager and the development team.

I typically check my email and the Scrum board first thing in the morning. After that, unless there is an urgent bug my team can't fix without my assistance, I check which code reviews I need to complete.

For a development team to function and deliver, there is one thing that is a must. You might be wondering what? Is it knowledge, various levels of experience, or another factor? There can never be a lack of teamwork or cohesion in any development team. Fortunately, everyone on my team is eager to assist and learn from one another. Although there may be some contentious debates, ultimately, we are all on the same side.

How do you balance your career at Tech387 and friends & family?

Tech387 offers a hybrid working system. Every person can work remotely when the assigned work does not require an individual's presence. From time to time, I would work from home. Remote work allows me to take care of my children while my spouse is at work.

Tech387 is a company that always rewards extra effort and overtime work. There were periods when my focus was on solving challenging development-related tasks when I would stay in the offices and work much more than usual. When such occasions arise, the company rewards us, not only in the material sense. We also get additional days off to spend with family and friends.

I have to admit that the balance of private and professional life has always been solid at Tech387.

How do you describe your work personality vs. your home life personality?

I tend to be the same man regardless of where I am. However, when I am at work, considering my age and the position as a Lead Developer, I often need to appear as a more rigid, meticulous, and organized role model to younger colleagues. On relaxed occasions, such as team building and informal gatherings, I love making jokes, and I am pretty good at it. You don't have to take my word for that. Go ahead and ask my team members. They will confirm it, and not only because I am their superior. Laughs.

On the other hand, when at home, I am most relaxed and in good spirits as I spend time with family and friends.

The Gift of Wisdom for Future Promising Generations

What advice do you have for prospective Tech387 candidates?

I might be biased, but I believe everyone who wants to kick off a dream career in the IT sector should come to Tech387. It is simply the right place to be at. However, to join our community, one has to display passion and interest in working on challenging projects. Those are qualities we are looking for in new colleagues. We can teach you technologies & methodologies, but we can't teach you to be passionate.

Not a single day at our company is the same; every day brings new challenges, sometimes easier but sometimes very difficult. Our people always need to be ready for a challenging day at work, a day in which they will learn a lot but also have a sense of accomplishment and pride once the day is over.