We are a Venture Builder

We unleash our multidisciplinary power to co-create products and 
impactful ventures with early-stage founders
Through our proven innovation process, we provide you with expertise needed to launch, scale and manage your product. Our deep operational support allows you to validate your idea quickly and grow it into a market-leading company.

We mitigate your risk of starting a new business to help you focus on what matters. With Tech387, you will have an experienced and reliable technical co-founder who will actively be involved in every step of the process to ensure the success of your startup.

Partnering with ambitious founders to build the next big startup

Starting from the concept stage all the way through the MVP and product scaling, we advise our partners on the choice of technology, business model, and team scaling.

We are a Venture Builder

We are not a VC, but we help you accelerate your product development by reducing your operational costs in exchange for product equity. Unlike traditional fundraising, this process is governed by the SAFE agreement, explained further in the FAQ section below.

Co-found with Tech387 and elevate the success of your product!



- $10,000


- $20,000


- $100,000


- $200,000


- $300,000


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Can I get a co-founding capital for the Dedicated Team model?
Tech387 provides a co-founding capital only for the Technology Partner production model. We do this because the nature of Dedicated Team model does not allow us to fully invest ourselves in product development from the perspectives of being accountable for choosing the right tech stack, having control over management, and maintaining the desired pace of delivery. Due to these factors, accelerating and boosting the development of products we do not have full control over would practically not work. 
What is the best POC and/or MVP approach for my product?
Tech387 provides three basic options for building your POC and/or MVP at different cost levels. Your decision will depend on the validation of your idea, testing requirements, and dedicated budget.

If your idea is complex and calls for the validation of multiple hypotheses or different user flows, a Custom POC will be the way to go.

In the MVP phase, your product complexity might demand custom backend development. You can choose to go with a pragmatic solution and use a mock backend with the Piecemeal MVP approach if your budget is limited. However, should you decide to move on, you will have to pivot your solution to the real backend.

Otherwise, if your idea is validated and you are certain to pursue it further, we strongly suggest developing your backend by choosing the Custom MVP approach, as it will prove cost-effective in the long run. 

If you are still unsure about the best approach, we encourage you to consult with us by filling out the contact form.
What is the best engagement model for my production phase?
Tech387 provides two production engagement models: Technology Partner and Dedicated Team. Both approaches to product development have their pros and cons, so your decision will be most likely based on the following factors: 

Product Management
If there is an experienced Product Manager on your team who is skilled with technology, product design, and product management, then you can compose a dedicated technical team that will be led and managed by you. 

Accountability for Technical and Management Risks
If the above is true, decisions made by your team will carry technical and management risks related to choosing the right technologies, managing the team, and controlling the full product development life cycle. 

Pace of Delivery
Managing an outsourced dedicated team in most cases means slower development and delivery. Communication, differences in time zones, and cultural barriers are just some of the factors that may slow the delivery process down.

For all the reasons mentioned, the Technology Partner approach ensures accountability for product management, risk management, and pace of development on our side. Given our experience and history of launching successful products, we possess the expertise to take these burdens off your back and let you focus on the business side of things.

If you are still unsure about the best approach, we encourage you to consult with us by filling out the contact form.
What does it mean to get a
co-founding capital?

A co-founding capital is not just a simple discount. It is a commitment for both sides to engage deeply in the product development journey. 


You can perceive it as a seed investment that aims to accelerate your product development. In return for discounted services, Tech387 claims an equivalent product equity governed by the Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) contract. A SAFE is an investment contract between a startup and an investor that gives the investor the right to receive equity in the company on certain triggering events, such as:

  • Future equity financing (known as a Next Equity Financing or Qualified Financing), usually led by an institutional venture capital (VC) fund
  • Sale of the company

The startup accelerator Y Combinator introduced the SAFE in late 2013, and since then, it has been used by many startups as the main instrument for early-stage fundraising.

In reference to the SAFE contract, Tech387 offers the following standard discount rates on total development costs:

  • -10,000 USD in exchange for 0.5% equity;
  • -20,000 USD in exchange for 1% equity;
  • -100,000 USD in exchange for 5% equity;
  • -200,000 USD in exchange for 10% equity;
  • -300,000 USD in exchange for 15% equity.

Our partners often choose to claim their discount when they:

Demand our full accountability for the product's success

An investment of our own implies our full accountability and commitment to the success of your product. This effectively unlocks access to a wide range of experienced specialists with different expertise (developers, designers, testers, business analysts, etc.) who can always support the product development to maximize its chances of future success.

Struggle to completely fund their project

Founders seek to make the most out of their investment, which often implies demanding more than can be funded. When the optimal sweet spot between a project's scope, duration, and budget is exceeded, Technology Partner will often descope the project or ask for an extended delivery timeline, which effectively stretches the budget. Alternatively, we provide a co-founding discount to maintain your desired scope and pace of delivery with the objective of maximizing the chances of your product's success.

For more information, we encourage you to visit our Co-founding page or contact us by filling out the contact form.

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