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We are a young, dynamic and positive organisation where every person is part of our success. The same transparency we offer our customers applies internally: we believe in honest, open communication and giving everyone a chance to contribute to achieving our goals.


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People are always more important than numbers.
We believe that if our employees are looked after, our clients will be too. Our people are fundamental to our success and represent a core tenant of our mission, vision and values. We believe that diversity and inclusion are a source of our innovation.

We strive to create a thriving and encouraging environment where everyone’s contribution is valued, and where mutual trust and respect generate excellence. We are a team of professionals united by a common desire to push the boundaries with our creative minds and innovative technologies. We promote excellence in every aspect of our operations by investing in our people to foster their development and encourage their passion to excel.



Working at Tech 387 is not just about technical knowledge. With Tech 387 you'll work in the industry you love, all while improving people’s experiences and working with colleagues who share your passion. Being part of the team is a great opportunity for you to develop and grow in a wide range of roles.

Here at Tech 387 we’re fortunate enough to be growing as rapidly as our business, with an ever expanding list of our clients. In that light, we're always looking for talented people who want to join our team.

We are not afraid of challenges and we understand the power of teamwork. Let’s work together!

Join our Internship Program

The internship that Tech 387 provides is a great way to gain a hands-on experience, build connections, and make the first step into your chosen industry. Our talented and devoted team of developers will help you gain new knowledge, pick up new skills and choose your path. Check out our available internships, submit your application, and prepare for a rewarding experience.


We are proud to announce that Tech 387 successfully joined the community of the top 7% global software engineering vendors. With an overall score of 9.6, Tech 387 tops the Pangea ranks for New Product Development after being rated 9.7 by our clients and 9.5 by our team. From now on, our current and future partners will have a completely transparent overview of our organization.